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Self Harming

"My 16 year old girl mentally suffering so much that she would cut groves into her arms. She was in and out of hospital but it seemed nothing could help her and I was at my wits end. When Les & Janet started working on Jules thing really started to change. She started to look brighter and stopped self-harming herself much quicker than I would have ever expected considering her condition. She has never spoken to them or had any idea she was being worked on”. 

We can all feel overwhelmed at times by the pressures of life. This pressure can come from many different directions. These include relationships past and present, work, health and money problems etc.

Sometimes these pressure points come singly but all too often several challenging issues seem to come at once and make it difficult for you to cope.

We can help you by relieving and releasing some of this pressure build-up on an on going basis, so that you are more able to deal effectively with the situation you find yourself in.

Our work supports and does not conflict with any medical intervention or support you may need. This is because we work on the subconscious causes of the physical or emotional issues that can surface periodically in your life.

As we see it, these often repeating patterns and cycles result from blocks and kinks in the vibrational field. These blocks form from accumulated small ‘emotional’ wounds experienced by the child you once were.

These blocks remain as subconscious programming and automatic emotional reflexes.  Some of these are beneficial to you and some are not.

We work progressively with you so that you can begin to clearly recognise and change the negative patterns that no longer serve you. 

For over twenty years, we have perfected our specialised concept of ‘Intense Focus Projection’ which means we can effectively help someone anywhere in the world with physical or emotional problems.  Because of the results of our work and its safe application, in 2014 we were invited to become members of the Royal Society of Medicine.




Successful people whether they are aware of it or not all have the ability to deeply focus their minds to achieve their goals and are defined by their level of focus. This is a natural ability of all humans; it is just that some are more adept at focusing than others. An athlete for example, can raise the possibility of a winning outcome by repeatedly visualising ‘being first to the post’. On the other hand those people who frequently over focus on negative aspects often find winning possibilities elude them.


Most of us at some time in our lives have sensed the presence of someone angrily glaring at them from the other side of a room and may have felt quite uncomfortable. People can also experience the vibrational intensity of an admirer looking at them even before they knew they were there. In both incidences, the intensity of someone’s focused thought projection is such that their vibrational presence is physically felt.

With the right level of focus and intensity, it is possible for us to control and project a whole spectrum of positive vibrations, we can safely utilise theses effects in individuals with emotional or physical issues. We can also realign the atmospheric vibration of a building anywhere in the world.



To commence treatment, we talk by telephone a few minutes followed by 20 minutes intensive therapy offline. During this time clients are requested to rest in a quiet place where they will not be disturbed.

Treatment is by off-line sessions, which means we do not interact with a person directly but keep regular contact with the client or supervisor for feedback. This treatment is twice weekly administered by multiple short sessions, so that the person can go about their business as usual.



The first session is Complimentary

Payment in advance for 10 sessions . . . . . . . . . .£350.00

(Individual payments in advance per session . . . .£40.00)

Establised 2007

Members of the Royal Society of Medicine