Serious ill Health

Cervical Cyst, Cyst/Vocal Cords, Breast Cyst, Head Injury, Lung Problem,

Heart Condition, MS, ME, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS


"My 20 yr old daughter who is a performer had one large and one smaller cyst on her vocal cords. The surgeon said the only way it could be dealt with was by surgery. I rang LES and he and Janet worked on her with their magic! 5 weeks. I was waiting for my daughter to return to the ward after the op, when an excited Consultant came to see me straight from theatre and literally said ..” what the hell have you done ? The cysts had shrunk so much .... they didn’t require surgery. He was shocked and had never seen that before in his 25 years of being an ENT specialist".

We have helped people recover from many forms of Serious Illnesses by helping them to see life with greater clarity and joy. 

Janet and I work together clearing the ingrained negative memories that can cause a person to become sensitive to stress, anxiety or nervous tension. In our view, these memories are composed of intensely felt ‘emotional’ hurts and wounds that form part of a person’s acquired automatic programming profile. In some cases, this can disrupt emotional or physical capacity.  



Wellbeing is always subject to the severity of a person's condition and their readiness to participate in their own recovery. 




We talk by telephone for a few minutes followed by a 20 minutes off-line therapy session. To commence treatment, we will ask you to put down the phone and rest in a quiet and safe place where you will not be disturbed. This is where we do our stuff that is very similar to Reiki.


After the treatment, we will call you back to ask how you’re feeling, any feedback and book another appointment. In addition, we request that you stay in a quiet place for a further 15 minutes as you may feel a little sleepy.




The first session is Complimentary

£40.00 per session (pay as you go)