Loved Ones

We can help those in your care who may be too ill or unable to directly communicate with us. 

Self-Harming, Anorexia, Anxiety, Autistic Spectrum, Brain Tumour, Cyst/Vocal Cords Delusion/Possession, Dyslexia, Heart Condition, Relationship, Dog with Cancer

We can help family relatives, friends and those less able to communicate directly with us for whatever reason. We also help people to see life with greater clarity. We work worldwide via telephone and offline therapy sessions.


Janet and I work together clearing the ingrained negative memories that can cause a person to become sensitive to stress, anxiety or nervous tension. In our view, these memories are composed of intensely felt ‘emotional’ hurts and wounds that form part of a person’s acquired automatic programming profile. In some cases this can disrupt emotional or physical capacity.  


Since 2007 we have only worked through recommendation in over thirty countries across the world from our office in the UK. In 2014 the safe application of our work with depression was recognised by the Royal Society of Medicine and invited us to become members.


Heart Condition

"Recent tests show that two of her valves no longer need replacing, the heart is no longer severely failed, her pulmonary embolism has disappeared and the medical team are so impressed with Mum’s amazing improvement they are now considering her for the lifesaving surgery that they had previously said wouldn't be possible”




To commence treatment, we talk by telephone for a few minutes followed by a 20 minutes off-line therapy session. During this time, we request that you rest in a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.


After treatment, we will ring you back to check you are comfortable and grounded and book another appointment. In addition, we request that you stay in a quiet place for a further 15 minutes to allow any effects of the treatment to wear off


Treatment is by off-line sessions, which means we do not interact with a person directly but keep regular contact with the client or supervisor for feedback. This treatment is twice weekly administered by multiple short sessions so that the person can go about their business as usual.



The first session is Complimentary

Individual sessions (pay as you go). . . . .£40.00