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We help to remove stress and pressure in your life and help you rediscover your self-belief


"I was insecure, unsure of my values and a victim in a cruel world. My business was under-performing badly due to, too many excuses, which I myself, had conjured up, and my obvious lack of self-belief. My relationship was fractious to say the very least and as a victim I allowed myself to feel trapped and insignificant. After just a few short sessions, I was shedding my cloak of doubt and misfortune and steadily transforming into a whole new me! I now feel truly alive, powerful, successful and in total control of my own destiny”.


Negativity can impact on your ability and equilibrium and include:

We can help you to cope with and to recover from feelings of unease generated by whatever situation you may find yourself in. We can help you to balance your life so that the pendulum of your being can swing freely between your work and home life, with neither adversely affecting the other. 


We work together clearing the ingrained blockages that can limit your potential. In our view, these subconscious blockages were built up in early childhood composed of keenly felt ‘emotional’ hurts and wounds. These blockages form part of your acquired automatic programming profile.


Negative aspects of this include difficulty in receiving, issues with money, being passed over in promotions, not being recognised, negativity etc. Positive aspects that can be built on include, optimism, a good work ethic, leadership qualities and creativity.


For over twenty years, we have perfected our specialised concept of ‘Intense Focus Projection’ which means we can effectively help someone anywhere in the world with physical or emotional problems.  Because of the results of our work and its safe application, in 2014 we were invited to become members of the Royal Society of Medicine.




Successful people whether they are aware of it or not all have the ability to deeply focus their minds to achieve their goals and are defined by their level of focus. This is a natural ability of all humans; it is just that some are more adept at focusing than others. An athlete for example, can raise the possibility of a winning outcome by repeatedly visualising ‘being first to the post’. On the other hand those people who frequently over focus on negative aspects often find winning possibilities elude them.


Most of us at some time in our lives have sensed the presence of someone angrily glaring at them from the other side of a room and may have felt quite uncomfortable. People can also experience the vibrational intensity of an admirer looking at them even before they knew they were there. In both incidences, the intensity of someone’s focused thought projection is such that their vibrational presence is physically felt.

With the right level of focus and intensity, it is possible for us to control and project a whole spectrum of positive vibrations, we can safely utilise theses effects in individuals with emotional or physical issues. We can also realign the atmospheric vibration of a building anywhere in the world.



To commence treatment, we talk by telephone a few minutes followed by 20 minutes intensive therapy offline. During this time clients are requested to rest in a quiet place where they will not be disturbed.

Treatment is by off-line sessions, which means we do not interact with a person directly but keep regular contact with the client or supervisor for feedback. This treatment is twice weekly administered by multiple short sessions, so that the person can go about their business as usual.



The first session is Complimentary

Payment in advance for 10 sessions . . . . . . . . . .£350.00

(Individual payments in advance per session . . . .£40.00)

Establised 2007

Members of the Royal Society of Medicine