Les Greve 

 Janet Sumner-Rivers 


We help people recover from most forms of physical or emotional problems. We are ‘remote healers’, and work with our clients worldwide via telephone and offline therapy sessions worldwide.


Since 2007 we have worked on clients in over thirty countries across the world from our office in the UK. We only work through recommendation and as a result of our work and its safe application, in 2014 we were invited to become members of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Stress Relief - Testimonials

Stress, Confidence, Personal Development, Relationships, Transformation,

Business Development, Work Life Harmony

Behavioural Issues - Testimonials

Self Harming, Anorexia, Anxiety, Autistic Spectrum, Claustrophobia, Depression, Dyslexia,

Fear of Flying, Panic Attacks, Self-Harming, Skin Complexion, Victim, Weight Loss

Aches & Pains - Testimonials

Aches & Sleep Problems, Back Problems, Walking Problems,

Sciatica, Muscle Strain, Tendinitis, Occipital Neuralgia,  


Serious Illness - Testimonials

Cervical Cyst, Cyst/Vocal Cords, Breast Cyst, Head Injury, Lung Problem,

Heart Condition, MS, ME, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS,


Cancer - Testimonials

Bone, Bowel, Brain, Breast, Colon, Intestinal, Liver & Bone, Melanoma,

Oesophagus, Ovarian, Parotid/Lung, Dog with Nasal Tumour


Loved Ones - Testimonials

We help those in your care who are ill or unable to directly communicate with us. 

Self-Harming, Anorexia, Anxiety, Autistic Spectrum, Brain Tumour, Cyst/Vocal Cords Delusion/Possession, Dyslexia, Heart Condition, Relationship, Dog with Cancer

Business Testimonials

Staff Unity - Staff Productivity - Staff Wellbeing 

We ease stress and tension between staff members resulting in increased productivity, improved industrial relations and reduced absenteeism and staff turnover.

Establised 2007

Members of the Royal Society of Medicine