Les Greve

Wellbeing Therapist 

 Jema Sumner-Rivers

 Wellbeing Therapist

Wellbeing on Call

We help reduce emotional or physical discomfort and help raise the quality of life of our clients. We work worldwide by telephone with just a few minutes talk followed by an off-line treatment session. 

Since 2005, we have worked purely through recommendation; originally as Reiki masters but developed our own unique technique of helping people with wellbeing problems. As a result of our achievements, In 2014 we were invited to become members of the Royal Society of Medicine.

Our Concept

Any form of illness will persist whether it Physiological or Psychological until the subconscious mind learns to think from a brighter perspective. To effect healing, we help encourage the subconscious mind to overcome past restrictions, recognise, and become closer to its true self.


Incurable Cancer

“I was told I had incurable cancer with melanoma in my left eye also tumours in my neck and lymph glands and treatments were ineffective. In April Les and Janet started treating me over the telephone.  At times, I experienced what I can only describe as very powerful, unmistakable, and prolonged sensations. In December, the results of my MRI and a CT scan showed there is not a trace of cancer anywhere in my body”

Loved Ones

Also, when requested by a parent or guardian, we can work without direct contact with any young or elderly family members in their care.


"My daughter in Australia had been suffering from anorexia for some time and had a greyish drained look with terrible mood swings. Within two weeks of Les starting work on her, she was looking bright and cheerful and no longer had a drained out greyish complexion. Her eating habits normalised as she started to put on weight. Her mood swings reduced drastically as she began to find her inner beauty".

Stress Relief - Testimonials

Stress, Confidence, Personal Development, Relationships,

Business Potentential, Work-Life Balance, Career Realignment

Behavioural Issues - Testimonials

Self Harming, Anorexia, Anxiety, Autistic Spectrum, Claustrophobia, Depression, Dyslexia,

Fear of Flying, Panic Attacks, Self-Harming, Skin Complexion, Victim, Weight Loss

Aches & Pains - Testimonials

Aches & Sleep Problems, Back Problems, Walking Problems,

Sciatica, Muscle Strain, Tendinitis, Occipital Neuralgia,  


Serious ill Health - Testimonials

Cervical Cyst, Cyst/Vocal Cords, Breast Cyst, Head Injury, Lung Problem,

Heart Condition, MS, ME, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, IBS,


Cancer - Testimonials

Bone, Bowel, Brain, Breast, Colon, Intestinal, Liver & Bone, Melanoma,

Oesophagus, Ovarian, Parotid/Lung, Dog with Nasal Tumour


Loved Ones - Testimonials

We help those in your care who are too ill or unable to directly communicate with us. 

Self-Harming, Anorexia, Anxiety, Autistic Spectrum, Brain Tumour, Cyst/Vocal Cords Delusion/Possession, Dyslexia, Heart Condition, Relationship, Dog with Cancer

Sick Home - Testimonials

Paranormal disturbances (Ghosts), Geopathic Stress or any Negative Energies within the Home