Les Greve

Wellbeing Therapist 

 Janet Sumner-Rivers

 Wellbeing Therapist



Since 2005, working purely by recommendation, we have helped people worldwide to recover from emotional problems, physical illness or help coping with their lives.



We all hold onto memories of our past, but some unhappy often forgotten memories can distort our emotions or make us physically ill. The memory is always there but if its perspective could be balanced with our projection of calming gentle thoughts, then our mind or body can repair itself.



Loving couples can often telepathically sense their partners thoughts and feel their love. We replicate this pure form of thought to transmit love into the damaged cells of people anywhere in the world.



Originally, we trained as Reiki Masters but developed our unique technique of helping people with emotional or physical discomfort. In 2014, we were invited to become members of The Royal Society of Medicine as a result of our work with depression.


30 minutes duration


Please call us to commence treatment as this becomes your commitment to your own wellbeing. We talk by telephone for a few minutes to assess your condition, then ask you put the phone down and rest in a quiet and safe place for about 20 minutes. During the therapy session you may feel a very gentle sensation but most people just feel relaxed and refreshed.


After the treatment, we will call you back to make sure you are comfortable, discuss any feedback and book another appointment. In addition, we suggest that you stay resting in a quiet place for a further 15 minutes as you may feel a little sleepy.

  • Email, Text or Telephone to book a free trial session.


  • Please call us at the time of your appointment.


  • During the first appointment we will ask basic questions about your condition.  


  • To commence treatment, we ask you to put the phone down and rest in a quiet safe place.


  • After the treatment we will call you back to check how you’re feeling.