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Jack Greve

Wellbeing Therapist 

 Jan Sumner-Rivers

 Wellbeing Therapist



Since 2005, working purely by recommendation, we have helped people worldwide via telephone sessions to recover from Physical Illness, Stress or help to cope with their lives.

We have also remotely cleansed Homes, Offices and Buildings in many countries around the world 



Healing is a natural ability we all have but some of us fear it because of humanities past history why we fear healing. Parents instinctively hug their children when they hurt themselves and we all naturally hug a friend or loved ones when they are in distress to ease their pain. This simple act is a transference of love that is healing. When we comfort someone in pain, we project love into them. This loving intention is the catalyst that connects us with the one true God to initiate the healing process. Janet and I endeavour to project the right quality and quantity of love as a channel to repair a person's physical or emotional discomfort. The proof of this process healing is in our testimonials from many people around the world.



Originally, we trained as Reiki Masters but developed our unique technique of helping people with emotional or physical discomfort. In 2014, we were invited to become members of The Royal Society of Medicine as a result of our work with depression.


Please call us, text or email to book a free trial session

The sessions are by telephone with a duration of 30 minutes

Please telephone us at the time of your appointment as this becomes your commitment to your own wellbeing. We will talk for a few minutes to assess your condition, then ask you to hang up the phone and rest in a quiet and safe place for about 20 minutes. During the therapy session you may feel a very gentle sensation, but most people just feel relaxed and refreshed. After the treatment, we will call you back to make sure you are comfortable, discuss any feedback and book another appointment. In addition, we suggest that you stay resting in a quiet place for a further 15 minutes as you may feel a little sleepy.


Home or Office Negative Energy Cleansing


Negative energy found in buildings are recognisable by excessive dust reappearing shortly after cleaning.

This energy can cause a grey skin complexion and fatigue 

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