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ASpike iProtein iProblems

Symptoms can be:

Tightness in the chest, shortness of breath, extreme bouts of fatigue, heart palpitations, magnetic


Sight Loss and Unable to Walk


"On Sunday 19th September 2021 I woke up with an unbearable pain in my eyes and was unable to see. I was unable to move them up or down, left, or right. Throughout the next few days, a pressure in my head developed and by Wednesday a blanket of dust covered my world, and the colour slowly began to drain away from it.  

I attended A&E on Tuesday 21st September as my eyesight was beginning to deteriorate

(I had lost the sight in my left eye and 20 % in my right eye.) On Friday 24th September I had an MRI scan that concluded in their opinion that I had had an episode of MS. 

My sight loss got worse and now the strength in my legs were also beginning to deteriorate, I was unable to walk properly and had numbness and strange sensations throughout my body. 


I was referred to Les and Janet on Sunday 26th September. Les and Janet both showed and showered me with love and our sessions began that day.

I remember Les saying in our first session that the medical team looking after me would not be able to conclude what is going on with me. I explained that they had and that they had diagnosed MS. Les was sceptical of the diagnoses and explained what I had was iSpike iProtein  iPoisoning that is invisible to any scan or test. Over the following months Les’s words have become so very true. 

After 3 days of working with Les and Janet my eyesight fully returned.  The Doctors were baffled as this is not a normal presentation of MS


On Wednesday 29th September I was called by my Neurology Consultant who wanted to admit me to hospital as an in-patient. They were now questioning the MS diagnosis and were now thinking it might be MNO. My consultant wanted me to have a 3-day course of intravenous steroids. 

The 3-day course of intravenous steroids concluded with me spending 3 weeks in hospital as I became very ill.  I was unable to walk, lost feeling in different parts of my body, I had headaches from hell and my body began to spasm. I had a further 2 MRI scans, PET Scan, CAT Scan, 2 Lumbar Punctures, ah! not to mention around 70 blood tests. Through my blood tests, it was identified that I tested positive for Lymes Disease.  The treatment was a 3-week course of intravenous antibiotics.  I only tested positive on 1 out of 5 strands and I was told it could be a false positive. 

Les and Janet worked intensively with me over the 3-week period that I was in hospital. A particular memory I have during that time was being assessed one morning by a Doctor. The pressure in my head was INTENSE and I could not open my eyes.  My head was EXPLODING. I could not engage with the Doctor and he said he would return later.  Shortly after he left I had my session with Les and Janet. The Doctor returned shortly after my session with Les and Janet had ended, he was accompanied by a Neurology Consultant. I was sitting up in bed, the exploding pressure in my head had released. The consultant asked me how I was doing? I explained that I had had a bad morning, he acknowledged that he had been told this by the Doctor - pointing to him. I was not aware that this was the Doctor who had assessed me an hour before (due to the state I had been in).  I was aware that the Doctor looked somewhat perplexed as to my sudden / spontaneous recovery.  I explained to them both that I felt MUCH better which I believed was due to my healing session with Les and Janet. The Consultants parting statement to me was “Keep doing what you are doing - its working” 


With Les and Janet's help the pressure in my head slowly continued to release and the strength in my legs and body slowly began to return. I discharged myself from hospital.

So today, 2 months after discharging myself –As an Outpatient, I have 2 teams looking after me - with two different opinions. The Neurology Team treated me for Lymes (though it may not be Lymes) and The Infectious Disease Team who do not believe it is Lymes as they think it may be a rare presentation of MS.   

My thoughts always go back to what Les and what he said in my first session with him, that the Medical Team looking after me would not be able to conclude what is going on with me. I saw my neurologist last week and she said “Maybe in 6 months’ time we will laugh at the fact that we thought you had Lymes.

It has been a super challenging time for me and Les and Janet have been with me every step of the way. Les gave me hope when I felt hopeless. He made me laugh when I was sad. He cared when I felt very alone and in such an uncertain place.  I am full of gratitude for Les and Janet’s guidance, time and dedication to my recovery".Thank you both. xxx

Jenny Moore (London)

Extraordinary Rash on my Breast

"It’s hard to know where to start when it comes to thanking Les and Janet for the huge amount of help and support they have given me over the past couple of years. They have helped me hugely to shift and break negative family patterns but more recently they have helped me rid myself of the spike protein which materialised as a very scary issue with my right breast. 

The first thing I noticed was some discharge from my right nipple. I went to the GP who thought she found a lump. Obviously this was really stressful as you inevitably worry that it is breast cancer. Les supported me on the phone and helped me to remain positive until my appointment at the breast clinic where they found nothing of concern. After a brief respite and huge relief, an extraordinary rash started between my breasts and rapidly spread across the right breast, onto the left breast and then started down my torso on the right hand side. I am not someone who usually suffers with rashes and this was quite shocking. I also had shooting pains in the breast. I could hardly get dressed and it was actually extremely painful and weeping. The doctors had no idea what it could be. I went to a breast specialist to check if it was inflammatory breast cancer and he sent me to a dermatologist who put me on two different pills and three different creams one of which was to be applied every hour. It was at this point that Les explained to me that this could very well be iSpike iProtein  iPoisoning.


It is hard to understand this as it is so new but it is certainly true that none of the doctors I have seen could explain what was causing it and they had never seen anything like it. Les and Janet continued to work on me over the phone and to offer amazing support. The rash began to clear up and it took a few weeks but it gradually disappeared leaving behind a strange sensation of tenderness and occasionally a sharp tingling sensation which is sometimes hot and sometimes cold. This is continuing to improve as Les and Janet continue to work on it and work to pull the spike protein out of my system. When I returned for a follow up appointment with the breast specialist last week, he was completely astonished by the change in the rash. The ultrasound (which had previously been inconclusive as the rash had caused such a thickening of the skin) was completely clear. It felt amazing to get the all clear but the specialist was evidently very confused about what the cause could be. I did not feel that I could talk to him about the spike protein as this would be such an alien concept for most doctors but I do believe that this seems to be the most likely explanation.

I don’t believe there is anyone else who could have helped me as much as Les and Janet. They’re unending kindness and positivity is incredible and they’re knowledge and insight into the challenges with the spike protein are unique as far as I know. I was so lucky that I was already working with them as otherwise I would never have known what was going on or had any clue what to do"

Jane (Brighton)


At the beginning of the Pandemic I had my first Covidijab. Four days later I began to feel really unwell. A constant headache, bouts of feeling nauseous and constant extreme fatigue which resulted in spending a lot of time in bed. This lasted for a month, I just wasn’t getting better,

until I was recommended to Les .


Les was so helpful and told me that I had a spike protein which was making me ill. Les made me feel very relaxed and after the first session, it was a big relief to feel my symptoms subsiding, after another two sessions I felt much better and my energy returned.


It's strange but I really feel that the Covidijab was responsible for my illness. I am fit and healthy and have had no illnesses for a number of years.

I am convinced that the Covidijab made me ill and that the spike protein in it is the culprit. Since then I have had no more jabs and no health issues at all. I am so grateful to Les for bringing me back to health. He is brilliant and so knowledgeable. I can’t thank him enough.

Mandy (South London)


"I really appreciate the healing support that I received from Les and Janet enabling me to recover from Covidi. From the very first telephone session I felt  a huge sense of relaxation and care directed towards me. I felt reassured that whatever was challenging my health on physical, emotional, or higher levels, was being noticed and addressed. In the current climate of fear, this intentional work of healing felt very powerful.


I’m thankful to Les and Janet for a steady and healthy recovery. I feel stronger and surer because of their help. The fact they are there to do this work is a fantastic benefit to anyone needing the expertise that they offer".

Joanne (Surrey)

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