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Aches & Pains

Aches & Sleep Problems, Back Problems, Walking Problems,

Sciatica, Muscle Strain, Tendinitis, Occipital Neuralgia, 

Back Problem - Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis

"Eight years ago I was diagnosed with rheumatoid and osteo arthritis and my movements were painful and restrictive. A a back pain developed, making it necessary for me to use a walking stick and often a wheelchair. Pain-killing tablets, including morphine, gave little relief, and my surgeon gave no hope that things could be improved by having an operation. When Les’s brochure came to me through a friend, it took very little time for me to decide to ‘go for it’. Through remote healing my life has changed. I have felt stronger mentally and physically, with reduced pain. Les’s voice, wisdom and sense of humour have inspired me in gaining confidence, and he has given me back a quality of life that I thought had gone forever. This year I have joined a line-dancing class, and other physical activities. I thank God for Les"

Mabs Bourne (Norwich) 


"I write on behalf of my wife Mabs to thank you for all you have done for her. It benefits me almost as much as her. I never knew, until I had to do it for myself, how difficult it is to push a wheelchair on the pavements of our towns and cities, even with a comparatively light person on board! The improvement in her quality of life is remarkable"

John Bourne, husband of Mabs Bourne, (Norwich) 

Occipital Neuralgia

"I have been suffering from Occipital Neuralgia for 11 years, and had a serious setback 7 months ago. Due to the continuous stabbing and shooting pain in my head I had to stop working and stay in bed all day. I started to suffer from mood swings and depression. When I met Les he addressed some deep rooted feelings of rejection and inferiority. After the first sessions I felt a new and positive energy taking over. Over time I was able to let go of the things that subconsciously held me back, and have become more expressive and optimistic. This not only helped me with dealing with my disease but also in daily life. I am now nearly pain free, and feel much stronger, confident and positive. Besides this he also released two ghosts that kept bothering us at night, and now we sleep much better and our flat feels peaceful and calm.  I can't thanks Les enough for his care and positivity, it's been a real pleasure working with him".

Moniek Wittens (London)


Neck & Shoulder Pain

"I wanted to say that you'll always hold a special place in my heart for the time, and effort you both spent supporting me through an extremely challenging health crisis.  As you know, each individual is unique and we cannot measure health and well-being simply on the physical level only.  Your support both at practical and subtle levels, was priceless and cannot be measured at the mundane levels on which we operate as human beings.  During my time under your care, I’ve learned considerably about myself as energy and in my case, it is clear that I need to heal my subtle self first in order for the physical to heal.  This is a priceless gift in itself…so thank you!  In fact, I miss our little meet-ups, but even this is a lesson in itself around dependency"

Susan Bright (London)

Back, Neck & Shoulder Pain

A friend of mine recommended Les to me when I was suffering back pain and feeling low in life. Like many others described in their testimonials, what happened to me is magical. Physically, the pains (back, neck, shoulders) I was suffering since I was a child are all gone. The feeling of having a new and healthy body at age of 45 is amazing. But this is not the only good thing that Les and Janet did for me: mentally I feel VERY happy, confident and light. I begin to enjoy life which I never did before. Work wise, I am much more creative, positive and efficient. The clarity, the strength and the positivity put a big smile on my face. I am no longer the same angry person who had to fight for every move, instead I feel I’m in a state of positive flow. The change is so obvious that people around me can notice it and give me compliments. Everything in my life seems finally to be finding its balance, syncing together and moving towards a right direction. I sense there are many more happiness to come and I feel ready for it. All these fantastic changes happened because of Les and Janet. I don’t know how they did it, but I know they can replace pain, anger and sadness with love, joy and happiness! A huge THANKS to Les and Janet! 

Joanne, Switzerland

Back Problem - Osteoporosis

"I have suffered with Osteoporosis for a very long time. Near nine years After several trips to Hospitals seeing:- neurologists, osteopaths. Chinese remedy (acupuncture), Chiropractor, my Body was bent because I was in such a lot of pain, even in the wheelchair I had to put my knees up to my chin to ease the pain.

My lucky day came when I got Les to see if he can do anything well, I tried every body else - NO MORE TRIPS just over the phone and more important what a relief!!

I ring Les twice a week. Now I can stand straight and walk a bit but no long distant yet. The strong pain is a distance past. Now I can breathe, and live in comfort.

I do not know how to express my gratitude, I cannot find the right words to thank him. A million thank you Les"

Helen, (Middlesex) 


Aches & Sleep Problems

I run my own accountancy and law practice, but very bad  patterns repeating in my life made my personal and business life very difficult and challenging. I have always worked extremely hard, but felt I had no control over my life. I had consulted other healers, nothing changed in the long term. I had completely lost hope of things ever being different. After I started working with Les and Janet, however, my life started to change and for the first time normality was brought into my life. This normality and control for me was truly miraculous!


I have had problems sleeping for years – from when I was young. With Les and Janete’s help I was able at last to sleep properly. This has made such an incredible difference to my life!

Knee Pain:

I had had a pain in my knee for a long time, which I did not mention to Janete and Les. This suddenly disappeared!

Aleks, Lawer (London)

Feet - Walking Problems

"I've just come back from a week's walking holiday in Switzerland. I won't say my feet were never tired but they were never hurting like they used to and they were always recovered completely a few hours after stopping. Several mountains' worth of mileage testify to my complete recovery. I don't know how or why this has happened but I suspect you have to take credit for a miracle. I used to go on holidays where I didn't walk anywhere and even 100yds was a trial. I never thought I would ever spend five hours a day looking down on glaciers and skipping over rocky trails at all let alone think that such behaviour was any better than toothache. Thanks for your encouragement, thanks to your angels wherever they are"

Steve Bryant (Bernex, France)



"I had suffered from sciatica for some years; it was so painful I could hardly move. I had no relief from the pain, even painkillers had no real effect. All I could do was sit still and try to balance myself without putting pressure on part of my bottom. I saw loads of different types of doctors who massaged, pushed and pulled at my legs and buttocks without any lasting relief. Les sent me energy therapy and the relief I felt was almost instant. In a couple of treatments my sciatica had completely disappeared"

Peggy Farrell (Worcester Park, Surrey)


Muscle Strain

"I live on the Isle of Man and have a very active life style. The terrain on the island is very hilly but is very beautiful. I do a lot of race walking and sometimes I get muscle strain or other injuries. When Les first started to work on me I thought it was a wind-up, as he didn't touch, he wasn't in the same house, he wasn't even in the same town and I found this really strange. But the only way to receive treatment from Les is by "Remote Healing" and I always feel immediate relief. I find this very effective and less costly than constantly going to a physiotherapist"

Jane Cox (Isle of Man)


"Again, Les has worked his magic on me.  This time I was in Spain when I started to get this pain in my right hand which turned out to be tendonitis. I was not able to do anything as I couldn’t use my thumb.  The pain was sometimes unbearable and extremely frustrating.  I suffered this for a few months before I spoke to Les on the phone and he immediately gave me remote healing.  Within a few days I was able to do up my buttons without any pain.  Again this was all down to Les’s healing.  However, as I was still having problems pegging out the washing, Les continued to work on my thumb, remotely, and after a few more sessions, I can not only peg out the washing, but I can now also do up my jewellery and completely pain free.  My husband is more than pleased with what Les has done for me as he is now no longer at my beck-n-call!  Yes, Les is truly a miracle worker; I can’t tell you how grateful I am to him for giving me back the ability to use my hand and especially my thumb.  Thank you Les".
Maureen (Spain)



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