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"Les and Janet have been working on me for some time now. Their work has had a profound, life changing impact on my existence. When we first started I was in a turmoil of a deep depression that was impacting every aspect of my life. Fast forward to where I am now, it is remarkable to note how much I have progressed and transformed. With their help, I was able to find my true self. Be truly comfortable within! My spiritual journey also started with them, opening my being to it. They have brought to me a deep sense of peace, open outlook on life and joy. 

As a whole Globe has been wrapped up in the pandemic for past few years,  having Les and Janet by my side was and is invaluable. Through it all I continued to have incredible life experiences. From finding someone I'm very happy with, pregnancy and becoming a mother, Les and Janet have kept me and my family safe from harm. As well as our mutual understanding of world dynamics, kept me truly hopeful in what sometimes seemed very dark times. Les and Janet are my Earthly Angels". Thank you xxx

Linda, London


"When Les started working on my wellbeing - I was deeply depressed, at a loss of who my true self is. A bottom of my existence. That state of mind obviously affected every aspect of my life. Never had to explain myself or my past as Les and the team knew exactly what my issues are and how to help. Fast forward to my existence today and it's such an incredible transformation. Physically, emotionally and spiritually very different individual I am now to when we met. For me personally, it is the most significant experience and a turning point in my life. More myself than ever before. With deep peace in my soul and love in my heart, I cannot recommend these powerful healers enough. Forever grateful" 

Katarina Benakovic, London


A friend of mine recommended Les to me when I was suffering back pain and feeling low in life. Like many others described in their testimonials, what happened to me is magical. Physically, the pains (back, neck, shoulders) I was suffering since I was a child are all gone. The feeling of having a new and healthy body at age of 45 is amazing. But this is not the only good thing that Les and Janet did for me: mentally I feel VERY happy, confident and light. I begin to enjoy life which I never did before. Work wise, I am much more creative, positive and efficient. The clarity, the strength and the positivity put a big smile on my face. I am no longer the same angry person who had to fight for every move, instead I feel I’m in a state of positive flow. The change is so obvious that people around me can notice it and give me compliments. Everything in my life seems finally to be finding its balance, syncing together and moving towards a right direction. I sense there are many more happiness to come and I feel ready for it. All these fantastic changes happened because of Les and Janet. I don’t know how they did it, but I know they can replace pain, anger and sadness with love, joy and happiness! A huge THANKS to Les and Janet! 

Joanne, Switzerland



"The journey since meeting Les has been one with the most enlightening experiences of my life!!!

I have become a better person and I do feel I am a more balanced, loving, grounded person to myself and those close to me and the people that walk along side me or just crossing my path.

I can now look in the mirror and love the person I have become but that is where Les stripped all the conditioning he could and helped me help myself to a better life. Les works from the heart and with the heart. He understands what you need and works for as long as it takes for you to find the right path for you. Thank you Les and I do hope many read this and embrace your talent and kind nature and go on to grow to be the best they can in order to help other along the way like I do. I will always share what you have given me Les and send out the love".

Carole (Shropshire)



"Les has completely changed my life by changing me. I have known for a long time that old childhood patterns can restrict our progress in life and keep us stuck in negativity. With his huge skill as an Energy Worker, and his insight, Wisdom and integrity, Les has helped me to dissolve these old patterns and move forward in life. As a result, I am now far more confident and empowered, and am finally living life for me. I couldn't have done it without Les. He has been a huge support on my journey to self empowerment and I cannot recommend him highly enough"

Julia, (London) 



"I have been receiving help from Les over the past year which has been a truly wonderful and very positive experience.  We have been working through many issues, all of which link back to my childhood and my upbringing.  Recently I have become more and more aware of how I have been functioning in the world, the dynamics within my relationships and the type of people I have been attracting into my life.

I have always been very defensive about myself, and felt that I have to constantly justify myself to others, and explain my choices and my actions to gain approval.  I have learnt through Les that this comes from feeling ‘not good enough’ for most of my life.  I now realise that I have also been very competitive with my family, partners, friends and colleagues.  I wanted to be noticed, acknowledged and respected for who I am, for my opinions and for my achievements.  I have had a real lack of positive feedback in my life which I feel has led me to believe I am not worthy or capable of success.  I have struggled for most of my life both financially and creatively.

Now that I am aware of what has been happening and where it came from, my responses to people, situations and circumstances have changed in a really positive way.  I am now becoming able to deal with things with ease and enjoyment, instead of feeling threatened. 

At last my world is opening up to wonderful new opportunities and I am feeling really happy and optimistic about my life.  Thank you so much Les - for your amazing healing abilities and for your unending belief in me". 

Jo Knight (Cornwall) 


"I consider myself incredibly fortunate to have found my way to Les. He is so generous of spirit and deeply kind that I found myself immediately comfortable sharing my innermost thoughts, and just a few minutes of speaking with Les leaves me smiling and relaxed. With his support I quickly moved from stress and having silly (pointless) arguments and reacting angrily to ‘everyday silly things’ such as the size of diced onions to feeling truly contented, calm and in control. The little things in life no longer worry me, and I find myself more willing to let things take their natural course. The benefit is a deep inner satisfaction and confidence towards the future. The results defy (my) explanation, but are genuine and absolutely convincing. I would not hesitate to recommend Les to everyone"

Martin King (Edinburgh, Scotland) 



"Les, I just wanted to say how very grateful I am for being the special man that you are. The kindness, compassion and the love that you have within comes through each and every session and the shifts that I am going through towards my own well being are magical and so very meaningful.

Your input and magic is helping me release those very tough emotions I experienced as a child which I am eternally grateful for. In addition I am feeling a greater sense of peace less stressed, freedom and acceptance within. Thank you for being you and thank you for your constant concern".

Rachel (Israel) 

Stress & Guilt

"Thank you for your love and for all the good you have done me because of it. I feel so much better in myself than I did when we started, physically and emotionally.  I wake up happy more and more mornings which has not been the case for many years. I feel more myself and able to stand up for myself. I don't feel a victim. I have more energy and I have stopped being lonely. My relationships have all changed and I feel freer in general.
I have been letting go of guilt and have wrestled with feeling guilty for all your generosity especially as I have also been offered a free holiday as well. Did I mention that nice things are happening to me? But as with all of the wrestling I have discovered outdated beliefs and now I just feel really grateful and blessed instead of guilty so thank you for your presence, wisdom, love and perseverance. I can see how this has been important for me and feel that I have had a lot of little and big breakthroughs during the time I have been in contact with you".
Alison (Horsham)


Personal Development

"Having worked extensively within the personal development arena for years, I was already well aware of the importance that energy plays in our lives. Yet, I was totally unprepared for the overwhelming impact that Les's treatments had on so many areas of my life. Many of our sessions were on a remote basis and I could actually feel energy moving around my body. Just after one of these sessions, I placed my hands below my knees and felt all the negative energy leaving my body. Today, I'm confident, calm and very centered and am attracting many more exciting opportunities into my life. Les is a genuinely kind man who is authentic, compassionate and extremely caring. He 'sees' things that no-one else sees and it feels like I have my own fairy godmother watching over me and granting my wishes. Whether you have a medical problem, an emotional issue or simply want to create more of the results that you want in you life - Les can help you achieve all this"

Nikki Owen (Kent)



Personal Development

"As a trainer of NLP I'm continually working on my own personal development.  I started to work with Les because I felt that I was holding onto some limiting beliefs from the past created by patterns run by my parents.  These beliefs seemed to be stuck deep in my psyche. I had worked on these cognitively myself and though improved they had not totally disappeared. I began to work with Les who saw things about my past that I found amazing.  He helped me to understand why I had held onto these beliefs, which were very deep in my unconscious.  We worked on two key areas around money and relationships, letting go many stubborn patterns from the past.  I have noticed a real shift in the way I deal with my life since working with Les.  I'm calmer and my success in all areas is inevitable.  I'm very grateful to him

Lindsey Agness, Author and NLP Trainer, 


Personal Development

"My friend referred me to Les as I had a long-standing issue with success and finances, which had plagued me for some time. Although I am a Master Practitioner in NLP and have attended many courses and worked really hard to clear this particular blockage, my brain seemed to be 'on a loop' and I felt as if even when sleeping I was anxious and frustrated. It was getting worse and I was being held back by my limiting beliefs.

 I decided I had nothing to lose, and as soon as I spoke to Les I felt a sense of calmness and wellbeing flooding my body. In the first phone call I experienced a warm tingling in my feet and hands, and I was amazed at its intensity. As soon as the first session was over I felt an immediate sense of relief and lightness. After completing 6 sessions, I developed a back pain that Les said was due to resistance, and he then gave me another free session, which cleared the symptoms. I have recommended him to my friends and family, and hope they contact him as he is amazing

Karen Rohleder (London) 


Personal Development

"A friend who was one of his clients recommended me to Les. I felt I needed to address some personal issues that seemed to be preventing me from moving forward in my professional life. I also had some physical discomfort that medication was unable to remedy. I was a little unsure as I had no idea of his capabilities or if I was being suckered. However, when I spoke to Les on the phone I felt immediate relief and became very relaxed. We discussed my needs then he put the phone down and started to work on me. Even though he was not there I could feel all sorts of things going on in my body. Afterwards we talked again on the phone for analysis and feedback and he seemed to know things about me I'd never told him. I felt so much better and more alive after my course of treatment and have recommended my family and friends to him"

Nigel Fletcher (Shropshire) 


"This comes with huge love and heartfelt thanks...

During a very turbulent time for my family, Les has not only held my hand but had a direct and extraordinary impact on my heart and given me strength and courage. Through his ability to see things so clearly and deeply, has shown me how to take the next steps towards freedom and living the life I hadn't previously dared to do. I am beginning to see the future and to feel genuinely excited about it...I have a new energy and optimism which I didn't imagine I could have".

Jane Sterling (Hampshire)


"I have been in psychotherapy for the last nine years, working on patterns developed in my childhood that I was repeating in my relationships, so that I could no longer be limited by past trauma. However it has been a long hard process and I made slow progress and even when I did make progress and become aware of destructive patterns it didn’t mean that I stopped choosing them. I called Les and Janet when I was feeling particularly low and unable to shift the heavy dullness of depressive feelings on my own. I have had 10 sessions with them and I am amazed at the shifts that have occurred within me. I feel more balanced and centred, less affected by negative people or things around me, less fearful, and generally more relaxed and at ease. The things that used to keep me up at night seem completely manageable. Destructive actions I used to take, amazingly no longer have their power and I can choose differently. I feel happier and more myself. I feel strong in my heart possibly for the first time in my life and strong and clear in who I am in the world. I feel able to love in a satisfying way Thank you so very much".

Alexandra, Psychotherapist (London)



"For the last 12 years, my wonderful son, my only child, had suffered the loss of what was once our most beautiful relationship, into one of turmoil, anger, total loss of the chord that used to bind us together. I was numb with him, I didn’t know how to get through and at one point I wondered it my love for him didn’t even exist anymore – feeling helpless to his and my needs in our relationship.  I thought I had lost my boy and the bond I once shared with him. 

But now it is a different story since telling you about my son and also all the work you and I have been doing on my sub-conscious. I would like to share with you how my heart is now once again full of love for my child, full of kindness for him, calmness and my motherly instinct is now back where it belongs in my heart. The differences I can see in him are:

He seems to now accept and love me for who I am.

He is kinder to himself and others.

He is more aware of his responsibilities i.e. to his girlfriend, work colleagues, clients.

He seems to be much lighter on himself and others. I see a smile where there was a frown and I see compassion where there was anger. Love where there was an empty space.

Not for me to question why or how, but just to say Thank-You! We now have a healthy, happy relationship where he is not only my son, but my friend".

Joy Taylor, (Kent) 




"Before I met Les I felt very confused as to who I was and not sure of how to interact with others in my world. Everything seemed to be against me in spite of me having a prolonged period of great international success and a wealthy lifestyle. I felt I was trapped in an illusion of emptiness without love or personal contentment. Eventually financial mismanagement beyond my control halted my business and I retreated to Spain for some time to wallow in my hurt and discontentment.


On my return from Spain I was introduced to Les Greve and he has turned my life completely around from me being immersed in self-destruct to becoming content in my life. Les showed me how I could tap into my own inner positive self and let go of holding on to the frustrations of my childhood. I am now opened to recreate my potential to be happy and content. Les showed me that I can turn my passion into a successful business. With this new found pride and sense of worthiness in myself I am seeing my world through eyes of joy and contentment. I am now starting to know the potential of my abilities and how to interact with others in a more loving way. Thank you Les".

Miranda Pothecary, Fashion Designer & Artist (London)


Les working with you is so inspirational. I can’t tell how much of a buzz I get and how centred I feel after a wellbeing session with you. 


For me it is about my general wellbeing and the joy of it is in knowing that whatever it is that comes up for me be it emotional, mental, spiritual or physical, you are there with your gifted approach offering me just the insights I need to shift whatever is going on with me. And it is on so many levels.


Sometimes the change is instant in that miraculous magical way that leaves me spell bound, you know shocked at how in that very moment I can feel, experience change happening, whilst on the phone with you. How amazing is that? And then on the other level, take example my recent holiday with my mother. There had been long-term issues there, which she was unaware of because I didn’t want to cause her any pain. So instead I just worked through my stuff with you, healing myself of the things I chose to hang onto, releasing emotional baggage. Well, what can I say, I had the best time with my mother, felt so at ease and everything just felt happily normal, no baggage, no sense of anything, just friendship and love. I mean, how easy was that? Years of angst just evaporated as if there was magic dust in the air. I truly felt no past stuff infiltrating my present moment. I had let go! Wow! And it was so subtle. So every day normal. What can I say, you are truly a magician.


And one more thing, after my recent chat with you I decided it was time to really be allowing of me. So inspired was I by you, your support and nurturing that I took the courage to go sit with me and allow for things to flow. Today I am in no doubt about my life’s purpose. I am standing in the power of me, rejoicing in what I believe today to be my Soul’s path. I am buzzing! 


So thank you Maestro. I am a winner! And look forward with great anticipation and excitement at what the future now holds". 

Pearl Jordan (Dance of Life Coach)  


"If there is such a thing as an ‘earthly genie’ Les is it! Somehow, in the most magical yet simplistic way, he manages to get you ‘unstuck’ from where you are, to where you want and deserve to be, using creative visualisations and a therapeutic approach that really really WORKS – and fast! Les has amazing intuition, empathy and rapport – he has quite literally transformed the way I think, how I feel and what I believe in myself, to the point that I am not only ‘unstuck’, I’m positively racing forward with my life and really starting to reap the rewards (and not just financially!) I cannot recommend Les highly enough – I feel hugely blessed and very grateful to have stumbled across him"

Marie, Business Owner (Kent). 



"Les is the most amazing, kind and compassionate healer.  He has the uncanny ability to immediately get to the heart of the matter, and then gently sets about to help you understand your power to change things, should you wish to.  Whether he is working directly with you, or remotely, you will notice positive changes in your life which he has helped to generate.  Les has helped me to understand my potential when my confidence was at an all-time low.  He has helped me to focus on the outcomes I deserve and recognise negative behaviours which were limiting my life.  He has a genuinely loving and compassionate energy, and working with him is a life-enhancing experience.  

Rachel Lee (North London)


Business Development

"When I first heard about Les I was stuck. Stuck in a rut, professionally, personally, everyway. A sort of uncomfortable limbo. I’d gone through a number of life changing events, including death in the family, illness, moving countries, losing friends, you name it. I wanted something more from life, something better. I had a sneaking suspicion there was something good out there for me, but I wasn’t really sure and anyway had no clue how to go about getting it.

And that’s where Les came in. We worked together over a number of months. He did all the mysterious things he does. He gave me homework, but not too onerous. To cut a long story short together we have changed my life, and although he says I’ve done it all, I could not have done it without Les’s help. I now have a fabulous new job which challenges me in all the right ways, is letting me live up to my potential and pays me lots more. I have a better, more constructive attitude about so many things. I’m definitely on the right path. 

Joanne Kelly, (London) 

Work Harmony

I felt very discontented with work, so much so that I wanted to leave, which would also mean leaving my profession which I have worked in for many years. Things had become progressively worse over the last few months and it became so bad that it really was a huge effort to go to work each day. The people were unpleasant and there were obvious feelings of discontentment within the organisation too. Staff were complaining all the time, being very unhelpful and not working as a team. Some staff were taking advantage of breaks etc, whilst other staff were not even turning up for shifts which created more problems and bad tempers. I found this very stressful and was bringing home work tension and this was starting to impact on my personal life and anxiety levels. I later discovered other colleagues were feeling the same.The patients and their families were also very unhappy and there was a really unpleasant atmosphere within building. I really felt that I could not go on working there and was on the verge of leaving without having another job lined up. 

However, after talking to Les, he explained that work needed to be done to change the negative energy that had built up in the establishment over the years. Even after the first session of working with Les, there was a noticeable shift and change in atmosphere at work. The team seemed to start to work together more with better rapport, across all levels of staff, seeming much more calm and polite with each other.

I felt much better about these positive changes as they were very apparent. This consequently had a positive effect on patients and their relatives. Changes were also implemented by management, who suddenly decided to make impactful changes to improve staff moral and encourage stronger team work. Staff are working closer together and have even have started socialising outside of work, e.g. on birthdays etc. The building even smells fresher and cleaner upon entering and has a much lighter, relaxed feeling about the building.

I believe the energy change was responsible for the shift in feelings and tranquillity. The change in such a such a few weeks is amazing, and the impact on the whole team and in fact the organisation is beyond belief. I now look forward to going to work and my confidence has returned, I have more energy and my skin,nails and hair look much better thanks to Les (and Janete) who I can’t thank enough".

Mary (Staffordshire)



Work Harmony

"Somehow with Les’s help we increased our average turnover well above expectations almost from the very start of his involvement with us. As a Company we needed to make positive strides forward in an increasingly difficult market place. I decided to ask Les for help and I wish now I had ask him earlier as his impact was amazing. The bottom line was my Company was going through an important time of transformation and modification and Les made a massive difference. I don’t understand his methods but he explained he was going to remotely cleanse and re-energies the building and then to rebalance and harmonise the collective vibrational energies of the company (whatever that means). He made me understand that this was completely safe and harmless for everyone.  I feel the Company is now a much better place to work in and the team are happier and they all seem to be pulling in the same direction. I am very pleased to have Les on our team”

Nigel Fletcher (MD)


Stress Relief

Confidence, Personal Development, Relationships, Stress,

Transformation, Business Development, Work-Life Harmony

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