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Cyst/Vocal Cords, Cervical Cyst, Breast Cyst, Crohn's Disease, Injury, Heart Condition, IBS, Rectal Bleeding, Lung Problem, MS, ME, Ulcerative Colitis

Heart Condition

"Recent tests show that 2 of her valves no longer need replacing, the heart is no longer severely failed, her pulmonary embolism has disappeared and the medical team are so impressed with Mum’s amazing improvement they are now considering her for the lifesaving surgery that they had previously said wouldn't be possible . . . ."


"Since working with Les we have seen our lives change so completely it can only be described as miraculous. My Mum had severe heart failure, an aneurysm of the ascending aorta and 3 of her valves needed replacing, she also had atrial fibrillation and a pulmonary embolism in her lung.


I am her Daughter and I was taking care of her. I had given up my work and moved into her home. We had been hoping for a lifesaving operation, but we were told by her medical team that things were too far gone and it would be too risky. We had been left with little hope and life was dark. We were introduced to Les at this most difficult time and we both worked with him independently. Our lives turned around within a few sessions life filled with light, hope and joy. 


Within a few weeks Mum came out of atrial fibrillation – she was due to have a procedure to see if they could shock the heart out of this dangerously irregular rhythm but this procedure is now no longer required. Very quickly Mum regained her strength and energy and I was able to move back to my own home. The complex set of medication Mum was taking was suddenly reduced as things improved. Mum is now completely independent and I have been able to return to work. Recent tests show that 2 of her valves no longer need replacing, the heart is no longer severely failed, her pulmonary embolism has disappeared and the medical team are so impressed with Mum’s amazing improvement they are now considering her for the lifesaving surgery that they had previously said wouldn't be possible.


These incredible healings took place within 6 weeks of working with Les – life has improved so much it is not recognisable. We have such faith in Les, that we believe Mum is on a healing path and that she will continue to get better and better to the point that she won’t need surgical intervention - that she will be completely well and restored. We have another scan later this month and the multi-disciplinary team will meet to discuss Mum’s case. We are confident that there will be more great news.


Alongside the physical healing, there has been so much emotional healing. Les has helped each of us with our perspective on the world and in our relationships with others. We feel lighter, brighter, happier and more optimistic about everything. Friends and family are amazed with how our lives have transformed since working with Les.


Les really does have a unique and blessed gift. He is in tune; he is able to harness energy and healing power in a way that brings about immediate and significant results. The healing process isn’t disruptive, it works alongside traditional medicine. “He brings hope and joy to the darkest of situations. He restores health and outlook to such an extent that you can have a second chance”.

Claire O’Donovan (West London)

Rectal Bleeding

"I had symptoms of bleeding from my bowel. The doctors told me I had polyps and one was larger than the others and potentially cancerous if left and not treated. I would need several more colonoscopies over time to get rid of them permanently. 


Feeling anxious, I called a girlfriend who recommended Les & Janet.
Les was easy to talk to and put my mind at rest. Les gave me a course of healing over a period of time, before my next colonoscopy. I was elated when the doctors told me that I was clear and would not need another colonoscopy. After a scan four years later I am still clear. Les & Janet are amazing, they also helped me with other health issues. I can thoroughly recommend them and I am so grateful for their help for making me healthy again" 

Melinda P. ( Hungerford ) 

My dog was unable to walk

"I have been working with Les and Janet and also asked them if they could work on my Mini Dachshund. Ottilie who last year had stage 4 IVDD. She was operated on 18 months  ago and when I started with Les she was just able to stand and totter around very carefully,  she was nervous, anxious and very unstable on her legs. 


Since working with Les & Janet she has made such a fabulous recovery. She is walking, running and will even attempt to go upstairs. She feels happy and contented. I’m blown away. It’s like we have our sweet gorgeous girl back. 

I am so unbelievably grateful to Les and Janet".

Sarah, (Gloucester)


"Like Sleeping Beauty, the left side of my body awoke as if it had lain dormant for a couple of years.

I went for a walk for just a couple of blocks along the road... without my crutches or any kind of support!!!

I was first diagnosed with MS in July 1999. I really started 'going downhill' in 2002, suffering dizzy spells, and losing feeling in my legs, arms and back, resulting in me using a wheelchair and crutches, since 2003. Throughout the NHS were very supportive of me, and I am grateful for the care and attention given by them to help me cope with my problem.

Les was recommended by a friend, at a point when steroids had shut down my body after I had a bad reaction to them and I had started to develop pneumonia. My ESR level was 145 and I was so weak due to inflammation and infection that I couldn't go out without my wheelchair and my daughter's support. Work-life had come to a halt. Even the garden was out of bounds as it was hard to put one foot in front of the other and the effort to walk left me breathless. My core strength was depleted as the muscles had weakened with each passing day.

I have never met Les but he had been sending me 'remote energy treatment'. In my treatment sessions, the energy flew through my body, from the toes, knees, legs, up through my core into my arms, lifting them high above my head – then back to my toes, wiggling freely and my feet gently waving, the energy ran through my calves and into my hips, waking up my pelvis and ending at the top of my spine – a fantastic feeling of being aligned and ready for action!

By late October I had the feeling back in my fingers and was thrilled to be able to fasten my own buttons once again, and now I can pin and sew the clothes I design.

In December my ESR level was measured at 16 which was a massive reduction from 145 since June. Now I'm driving my car again and not needing a wheelchair at all. My design business had been put on hold since 2006, but I am now developing a new business plan. I feel I can plan the future as it is already here - 6 months of intense but enjoyable energy therapy has turned my life around, removing energy blocks and clearing negative thoughts. I am more focused and setting new goals and many people have commented on my "look of well-being", the "sparkle in my eyes", my uprightness - and even my brother said I seem taller, and I am"

Louise de Caires (Chelsea, London)


Internal Bleeding & Gall Bladder

I have been working with Les for a while now, I have seen some excellent results. To name just one thing - physical illness, I had been suffering with internal bleeding and an unrelated gall bladder issue, which all had physical elements to them as well as pain. I also had holes in both of my thumb nails because of a serious stress I was undergoing at the same time. 


Through my corporate private health care policy I was provided a series of scans, both internal and external. From the time I identified the issues to receiving treatment from a private hospital Les and the team worked on me. When it came to having the scans and examinations I was expecting a serious finding due to the symptoms I suffered. But nothing was found and the physical pain and blood were not present anymore. 


My nails have also now completely grown back and my heart rate has gone back to an acceptable level. I have a long way to go but the work Les and the team do for me is priceless and I am completely grateful and can't express how much I appreciate the time and effort Les and the team take out for me, I would gladly recommend Les and what he and the team do. 

John (Surrey)

ME and IBS

"I met Les in March earlier this year; he asked me if I wanted emotional healing, I immediately answered yes because I’d had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME) and Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) for fifteen years. He explained that the cause was an emotional upset and imbalance. I started a course of remote healing and I am extremely pleased to say now, four months later, I am completely free of both illnesses. I am so extremely grateful and happy; I would never have thought this possible. I am now up every morning by 8.30 and can eat what I want. Visit this man – he is a miracle worker – and get your health back! It worked for me"

Rose Daniels (North London) 

Crohn's Disease

"I began to suffer from rectal bleeding and constipation, nearly four years ago. Having seen a couple of consultants in Hong Kong and suffering no less than 4 colonoscopies, I was assured that it's not cancer. The first consultant said that it was 'Crohn's Disease', but the doctor I consulted later said it was ‘Ulcerative Colitis’. It didn't seem to be curable, and I was on tablets to 'manage it', though the treatment hadn't really worked. It's was most unpleasant with some bleeding most days. Coupled with that, I had suffered with swollen ankles and weak knees. I've found it extremely painful to squat down and put any pressure on my knees. Let’s say things are a lot different now and this morning I went on a 20 mile bicycle ride. Touch wood things are back to normal again and I am back to living a busy and full lifestyle"

Robert (Hong Kong) 

Cyst/Vocal Cords

My 20 yr old daughter who is a performer had one large and one smaller cyst on her vocal cords. The surgeon said the only way it could be dealt with was by surgery.She was treated with homeopathy and herbs AND I rang LES and he and Janet worked on her with their magic ! 5 weeks. I was waiting for my daughter to return to the ward after the op, when an excited Consultant came to see me straight from theatre and literally said ..” what the hell have you done ? The cysts had  shrunk so much .... they didn’t require surgery ...I only had to use laser”! He was shocked and had never seen that before in his 25 years of being an ENT specialist ! 
Amazing result! 
Her recovery has been remarkably quick too ...the consultant saw her one week post op and said she had recovered so quickly, she was as he had expected her to be at week 6 post op ! 
Keep up your great week LES and Janet and thank you. 
Jayne (Essex) 

Cervical Cyst

I was hit by a van while walking home and broke a number of ribs and had a head injury. During the investigations, I had a full body scan and was told that I had a large cervical cyst that would need to be removed urgently as soon as I had recovered.

6 weeks later it started to cause me discomfort and I mentioned to Les and Janete that an operation to remove it had been booked in two weeks. They said that they would work on it intensively.

When I went to the hospital, I was given another scan and was told by the surgeon that amazingly the ovarian cyst had gone and I did not need an operation at all! Apparently, I also did not have any fibroids either, which apparently is very uncommon in women of my age (mid thirties).

I was sent home!

Elaine, (Ealing)

Breast Cyst

"I found a large lump in my left breast and the doctor thought it was more than a cyst as it was hard, thickened and needed investigation. I was fast tracked to the breast clinic and was seen within 2 weeks.

I rang Les and he said he could treat me with energy therapy. He would concentrate on removing the energy from the lump so by the time I got to the hospital there wouldn't be anything sinister there. I have a great belief in alternative therapy, so I was willing to give it a go, as breast cancer is one of my biggest fears. I do believe that every illness is connected to some dis-ease in our lives so it made sense to me to also concentrate on what was causing this lump to appear. The pain and discomfort I was experiencing stopped after the first session with Les. When I went to the hospital I had various examinations including a mammogram and an ultra sound. It was evident that there was a lump; it was 3.5 cm long and quite deep.

After reviewing my test results, I was told by the doctor that the lump was soft and likely to be a cyst, and he decided to draw out what was inside. After removing 2 syringes of fluid the cyst was empty and the doctor said it was nothing to worry about. The state and form of the lump changed in the 2 weeks I worked with Les, and I am convinced that it was due to a power greater than me! I do not need to attend for any more check ups and the hospital thought the lump wouldn't reappear, and nor do I. Since working with Les I have noticed that I now feel much calmer and I have a lot more energy than before. I also feel able to deal with 'life issues' more effectively"

Dawn Wilkinson (London) 

Throat Cyst

Thank you for clearing a nasty Cyst in my throat!


Recently I developed a cyst deep in my throat that caused a really bad cough and prolonged coughing fits at night. My doctor wasn’t happy about the lump and asked me to go for an X ray.


I called Les & Janet and they started to work on me, as I was worried it might be something more than just a lump. Somehow in two days the lump had gone and I wasn’t coughing and could sleep at night!


I was booked in for an X ray the next day , the results showed my throat was completely clear. I can't thank them enough for making me better with their magical healing powers. 

Miranda (London)

Lung Problems

“My lungs are my weak point and have always had asthma and more recently bronchiectasis. Through seemingly simple unobtrusive therapy treatment, I am losing my breathlessness, which I have had for years. I went for a pulmonary exercise test 2 weeks ago in the Royal Brompton Hospital and was proved to have far stronger lungs than I ever expected.

My negative "hanging on to the past had diminished" and I now realised how strong Les Greve's healing actually had been. I am gradually feeling freer and so much more open and aware. I feel so much stronger in myself and yesterday I even ran to catch a bus without gasping desperately for breath as I would have done before. I cannot thank Les enough"

Alan (London)

Head Injury

I was hit by a van while walking home on night and broke some ribs and had a head injury. 6-7 weeks later the head injury I sustained started to ooze pus. I took a picture of it with my phone. I sent a text to Les and Janete about it. The next morning I went to the hospital for investigation.


The first doctor looked at it and said, yes it is oozing pus and is infected and referred me to a specialist in head injuries. I waited 5 hours until I was seen. Incredibly the specialist who examined me said there was no pus and it was not infected and that I did not even need antibiotics!

Elaine, (Ealing)

Ulcerative Colitis

I cannot speak too highly of the help and healing Les has given me. I was suffering badly from Ulcerative Colitis, with bleeding and much discomfort. Telephone sessions with Les, during which I received remote healing, did wonders for me, inducing a feeling of calm and rest during the sessions and subsequent healing. My general health has improved considerably.

Stephen Bright (Hong Kong)

Autistic Spectrum 

​"We also discussed how Geopathic Stress can affect people in the house and I told you that my grandson’s room is directly above the dining room and how he wasn’t developing as he should with his speech, in fact his communication skills were non-existent, which was making everything difficult, my son even believed he may have autism as he wouldn’t even respond to his name and wouldn’t sit on a lap or cuddle. Within just a couple of weeks this changed and although not quite putting sentences together, he does respond, runs up to us, accepts and gives kisses and cuddles, knows colours, numbers and who everybody is,  enjoys nursery rhymes and stories that he had no interest in before".

Shirley Birks (Harefield)

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