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Brain Tumour  

“We were devastated when our beautiful eight year old girl was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumour.  As parents all we could do was hold her hand as she battled her way with remarkable courage and resilience through surgeries and an intensive course of both chemo and radiotherapy.  After all this the doctors were still very concerned about her scan results.  We knew that she could not have any further treatment and found ourselves in a very dark place.

Working with Les our panic and worry subsided and we were able to feel a calmness and an optimism we hadn’t had for a while.  He worked on healing our little girl but also helped us remain positive whilst waiting for her scan results.  When the results came in we were over joyed to hear that the cancer was in remission”.

Debbie (Surrey)​


I felt no one could understand the anguish I went through watching my 16 year old girl mentally suffering so much that she would cut groves into her arms. No matter how much I tried to reassure Jules that she was wanted and loved but she always reverted back to self-harming. Jules was in and out of hospital but it seemed nothing could help her and I was at my wits end.

When Les & Janet started working on Jules thing really started to change. Les told me that she would start to look brighter and she did much quicker than I would have ever expected considering her condition. Jules is still in process but much better than I could have hoped for before treatment. I felt compelled to write and tell you how much I appreciate you both for your empathy and effort; I have my Jules back because of you.

Joanne (Wimbledon)


"Last year, when I first talked to Les about my daughter, she was on the brink of being seriously unwell with anorexia.  After several months, she is now restored to health, has taken her A' Levels and has felt more confident about her ability to sit exams than she had ever previously done. She is a self-assured, beautiful young woman who exudes love and humour - off on her travels to the other side of the World - and on her journey to a life which this time last year, did not seem possible.  Quite simply, Les has given her back her future".

Jane Sterling (Australia)


My teenage daughter had been suffering from anorexia for some time and had a greyish drained-out look with terrible mood swings. This made me feel helpless and frustrated in my efforts to support her. I was recommended to ‘Les and Janet’ by a friend but I was not sure how they could help my daughter who lives 12,000 miles away in Australia.   

Within two weeks of Les starting work on her, she was looking bright and cheerful and no longer had a drained out greyish complexion. Her eating habits normalised as she started to put on weight in all the right places. Her mood swings reduced drastically as she began to find her inner beauty more and more and now she found herself a boyfriend. What can I say, I’m gob smacked.

Bob Shaw (London)



Thank you for all your help & support these past couple of months. Not only were our sessions healing (and relaxing) but the techniques also helped me to deal with my daughter's anxieties.
One example: The night before one of her exams she was going through a lot of stress & anxiety as she wanted to do well but was not confident. I myself was extremely upset to see her go through this but after our phone conversation & guidance from you I felt a sense of calm. During  her exam she applied your technique, when she received her results she discovered that she came top of her class & second in her year! I can't thank you enough.
You are a gifted & passionate healer & I believe our sessions will be a very clear memory for the rest of my life & I will try to carry out many of the words you spoke.

Rena (Australia)

Autistic Spectrum

"My grandson wasn’t developing as he should with his speech, in fact his communication skills were non-existent, which was making everything difficult, my son even believed he may have autism as he wouldn’t even respond to his name and wouldn’t sit on a lap or cuddle. Within just a couple of weeks this changed and although not quite putting sentences together, he does respond, runs up to us, accepts and gives kisses and cuddles, knows colours, numbers and who everybody is,  enjoys nursery rhymes and stories that he had no interest in before".

Shirley (Oxford)

Cyst/Vocal Cords

My 20 yr old daughter who is a performer had one large and one smaller cyst on her vocal cords. The surgeon said the only way it could be dealt with was by surgery.She was treated with homeopathy and herbs AND I rang LES and he and Janet worked on her with their magic ! 5 weeks. I was waiting for my daughter to return to the ward after the op, when an excited Consultant came to see me straight from theatre and literally said ..” what the hell have you done ? The cysts had shrunk so much .... they didn’t require surgery ...I only had to use laser”! He was shocked and had never seen that before in his 25 years of being an ENT specialist ! Amazing result! Her recovery has been remarkably quick too ...the consultant saw her one week post op and said she had recovered so quickly, she was as he had expected her to be at week 6 post op ! Keep up your great week LES and Janet and thank you. 

Jayne from Essex 


"Something seemed to suddenly posses my husband Bill from being a normal balanced person to being frighteningly strange. Bill started to mutter incomprehensibly and wave his arms about involuntary but even worse still he had a strange distant look in his eyes. He would often go to the front door and back at all hours of the day and night as if he had no control of his actions. Les knew it was a possession as he had seen this type of behaviour before. Les worked hard and in a couple of days my husband was much more in control and was less frantic. Les told me Bill would be disoriented for a few weeks as his neurological pathways had been scrambled but the worst was over and Bill was in recovery. Bill now realising that he needed time to realign himself admitted himself into a mental care centre for rehabilitation but was released within a few days after being pronounced fully compos-mentis. Bill and I are now much happier and closer together as a couple".

K.L. Fellows, (Kent)


"I started working with Les Greve about my son’s Dyslexia. My son was seven years old and was having a difficult time at school and his self esteem was incredibly low. Les has worked consistently on my son for over a year and the changes have been marked. Firstly we began to understand that his dyslexia can change and that it may be overcome. Our perception of dyslexia has changed and I now see it as a gift and most importantly our son is now fully accepting of it.

What is also extraordinary is that he has had two distinctions and two commendations in English in the past year. With Les’s help my son has been able to access a talent for words and poetry and despite his spelling and reading handicaps this has been seen and appreciated. My son  is affected by his history of low self esteem but is no longer held by it and I genuinely feel that we will be able to completely turn it around in time with Les’s help".

Peggy (Scotland)

Heart Condition

"Since working with Les we have seen our lives change so completely it can only be described as miraculous. My Mum had severe heart failure, an aneurysm of the ascending aorta and 3 of her valves needed replacing, she also had atrial fibrillation and a pulmonary embolism in her lung.


I am her Daughter and I was taking care of her. I had given up my work and moved into her home. We had been hoping for a lifesaving operation, but we were told by her medical team that things were too far gone and it would be too risky. We had been left with little hope and life was dark. We were introduced to Les at this most difficult time and we both worked with him independently. Our lives turned around within a few sessions life filled with light, hope and joy. 


Within a few weeks Mum came out of atrial fibrillation – she was due to have a procedure to see if they could shock the heart out of this dangerously irregular rhythm but this procedure is now no longer required. Very quickly Mum regained her strength and energy and I was able to move back to my own home. The complex set of medication Mum was taking was suddenly reduced as things improved. Mum is now completely independent and I have been able to return to work. Recent tests show that 2 of her valves no longer need replacing, the heart is no longer severely failed, her pulmonary embolism has disappeared and the medical team are so impressed with Mum’s amazing improvement they are now considering her for the lifesaving surgery that they had previously said wouldn't be possible.


These incredible healings took place within 6 weeks of working with Les – life has improved so much it is not recognisable. We have such faith in Les, that we believe Mum is on a healing path and that she will continue to get better and better to the point that she won’t need surgical intervention - that she will be completely well and restored. We have another scan later this month and the multi-disciplinary team will meet to discuss Mum’s case. We are confident that there will be more great news.


Alongside the physical healing, there has been so much emotional healing. Les has helped each of us with our perspective on the world and in our relationships with others. We feel lighter, brighter, happier and more optimistic about everything. Friends and family are amazed with how our lives have transformed since working with Les.


Les really does have a unique and blessed gift. He is in tune; he is able to harness energy and healing power in a way that brings about immediate and significant results. The healing process isn’t disruptive, it works alongside traditional medicine. “He brings hope and joy to the darkest of situations. He restores health and outlook to such an extent that you can have a second chance”.

Claire O’Donovan (West London)


"For the last 12 years, my wonderful son, my only child, had suffered the loss of what was once our most beautiful relationship, into one of turmoil, anger, total loss of the chord that used to bind us together. I was numb with him, I didn’t know how to get through and at one point I wondered it my love for him didn’t even exist anymore – feeling helpless to his and my needs in our relationship.  I thought I had lost my boy and the bond I once shared with him. 


But now it is a different story since telling you about my son and also all the work you and I have been doing on my sub-conscious. I would like to share with you how my heart is now once again full of love for my child, full of kindness for him, calmness and my motherly instinct is now back where it belongs in my heart. The differences I can see in him are:


He seems to now accept and love me for who I am.

He is kinder to himself and others.

He is more aware of his responsibilities i.e. to his girlfriend, work colleagues, clients.

He seems to be much lighter on himself and others. I see a smile where there was a frown and I see compassion where there was anger. Love where there was an empty space.


Not for me to question why or how, but just to say Thank-You! We now have a healthy, happy relationship where he is not only my son, but my friend".

Joy Taylor, (Kent) 


Dog with Nasal Tumour

"I contacted Les when I found out that my elderly rescue dog had developed an aggressive nasal tumour and I felt that I wanted to give George a better chance to deal with this horrible diagnosis. I didn’t even know if Les would be able to help or might consider it strange. He treated George through working with me. It seemed too easy the way Les explained it- but it worked! My dog had intensive radiotherapy for 5 sessions and I was told its limitations. Six weeks after the last session, we returned for the final MRI. The specialist vet reported how the results were better than expected and repeatedly described them as “impressive”. Les told me that George would have good results and he was right. The tumour had disappeared from view giving George a much better future. Whilst being treated people who know George remarked on the quality of his coat, and he was definitely more relaxed and stopped raiding the bins in the park for food, a daily habit. I would have no hesitation in recommending this treatment for any pet. We still have George’s company because of Les’s remarkable gift, and can’t thank him enough"

Chris Munroe (North West London)

My dog was unable to walk

"I have been working with Les and Janet and also asked them if they could work on my Mini Dachshund. Ottilie who last year had stage 4 IVDD. She was operated on 18 months  ago and when I started with Les she was just able to stand and totter around very carefully,  she was nervous, anxious and very unstable on her legs. 


Since working with Les & Janet she has made such a fabulous recovery. She is walking, running and will even attempt to go upstairs. She feels happy and contented. I’m blown away. It’s like we have our sweet gorgeous girl back. 

I am so unbelievably grateful to Les and Janet".

Sarah, (Gloucester)



Loved Ones

On request, we can help your family members or friends without any form of direct contact

We work on people by frequent short intermittent sessions without any form of direct contact with them

Self-Harming, Anorexia, Anxiety, Autistic Spectrum, Brain Tumour, Cyst/Vocal Cords,

Possession, Dyslexia, Heart Condition, Relationships, Dog with Cancer, Dog unable to walk

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