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How Healing Works



As children some of us may have perceived minor incidents as major ordeals. Their accumulation of prolonged stresses may manifest into physical or emotional illness over a period of time. From a child’s perspective, In spite of their parent’s loving intentions a minor incident could be perceived as a major trauma and a massive loss of a parent’s love. In some cases the subconscious mind may eventually trigger a withdrawal of love and lifeforce energy from sections in a person’s body and the cells begin to weaken. However, the weakened cells can be resuscitated by projecting love and lifeforce energy into the weakened areas of the body and also into the person's subconscious memory to prevent the problem returning.





Healing is a natural ability we all have but some of us fear it because of humanities past history why we fear healing. Parents instinctively hug their children when they hurt themselves and we all naturally hug a friend or loved ones when they are in distress to ease their pain. This simple act is a transference of love that is healing. When we comfort someone in pain, we project love into them. This loving intention is the catalyst that connects us with the one true God to initiate the healing process. Janet and I endeavour to project the right quality and quantity of love as a channel to repair a person's physical or emotional discomfort. The proof of this process healing is in our testimonials from many people around the world. 

Loving intentions can modify the molecular structure of water in our bodies


Adult humans are over 70% water, and negative words, thoughts or cruel intentions can distort our waters molecular structure and cause illness. Exposure to loving words, thoughts and kind intentions has the real possibility of realigning our bodily structure to positively impact our health. Healers perfect the art of projecting loving thoughts into areas of discomfort within a person’s body to initiate healing.


We can scientifically prove how the molecular structure in water can be modified when it is exposed to words, thoughts, sounds and intentions. In his book 'The Hidden Messages in Water' Dr. Emoto proved how water drops subjected to loving words or frequencies and when frozen formed beautiful organised crystals. He compared this to drops of water subjected to toxic words like hate or fear, that when frozen failed to form organised ice crystals. 

These photos demonstrate that even polluted water when exposed

to prayer or loving intentions can change the frozen water crystals





Even a written word on a water container alters each frozen water crystal



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