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Why We Fear Healing



In the middle of the sixth century Justinian 1st, emperor of Rome and head of the Roman Catholic Church, declared Jesus to be a God. Over time this message was distorted into only Gods can be healers. Healers, herbalists and anyone with spiritual knowledge now found themselves depicted as witches with tall black pointy hats boiling children in cauldrons. Eventually, witch hunts spread into most Countries in the West and instigated the murder of countless thousands of anyone known to have spiritual awareness. To this day many people still believe that healing is some form of witchcraft!

Healing is a natural ability we all have but some of us fear it because of the Justinian legacy. Parents instinctively hug their children when they hurt themselves and we all naturally hug a friend or loved ones when they are in distress to ease their pain. This simple act is a transference of love that is healing. When we comfort someone in pain, we project love into them. This loving intention is the catalyst that connects us with the one true God to initiate the healing process. Janet and I endeavour to project the right quality and quantity of love as a channel to repair a person's physical or emotional discomfort. The proof of this process healing is in our testimonials from many people around the world.


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