Sick House - Cleansing Testimonials

Paranormal disturbances, Geopathic Stress or any Negative Energies within the Home


"We had some issues in a new property we moved to last year. Our toddler would keep waking up at unsociable hours and once told us a lady was looking for her mummy. 

It was very cold in certain rooms, even though the heating and insulation was sufficient, no drafts etc. 

When downstairs sometimes at certain times we could hear creaking as if someone was walking upstairs, when only our toddler was asleep up there at the time. The creaking would stop and I felt a freezing feeling making the hairs on my body stand up, this sensation would go when the creaking returned. 

Most alarming of all was my wife and I both at different times received what felt like a physical touch, once for me and more than once for my wife. It was not aggressive in anyway, quite a calm reassuring energy, but unwelcome nevertheless.

Les and Janet, after a few sessions, were able to stop everything completely, even the temperature in certain rooms. To an extent that we turned the thermostat down by a couple of degrees.

I don’t know how they do it, although it has something to do with the energies and redirecting them. But we have gone from not enjoying spending time in the property to enjoying a much more happy and warm environment.

I can’t explain it, but if anyone has similar issues I would most definitely reach out to Les and Janet to discuss the issues to see if they can be resolved, I fully recommend the services they provide and can’t thank them enough for the assistance"

Jim & Susan, (Cambridge)


"Our neighbour referred us to Les, we felt really uncomfortable in our home, it felt negative and let’s just say ‘strange goings on’ were a regular occurrence. I was going through a tough time following a messy break up from a previous relationship. Not entirely sure what Les did but the negative feeling in the house disappeared and there is now a much more positive feel in all rooms of the house. We are delighted with the whole experience. Thanks so much"​

John Brooks (Oxford)




"I have found Les Greve to be a person with whom I could share unusual feelings and fears without any fear of judgment.  Les used the power of the universe and his belief in the world of spirit to attend to my problem of psychic attack in a loving and gentle way. I obtained real and lasting benefit without all the trauma of having to explain everything that was going on in my mind. Les is a very gifted and enthusiastic psychic"

Brian (Somerset) 




"I had picked up some dark energy from someone and though I did managed to clear some of it, I knew I still was not right. When I was talking to Les explaining what happened, he picked this dark energy up even before I finished to explain it to him. He gave me some healing, I could feel some tingling on the right of my face, then on the left, then on the back of my head and then it was gone. I started to feel lighter and a while later I felt I reverted to my real self. The interesting thing is that I am in the process of buying a house and have put a lot of emotional energy in this process and some of this dark energy had affected the house energy as well. Les also did a healing to clear the house. Thank you Les for this great healing session"

Francoise Sauze (London) 




"Meeting Les was very opportune as I was struggling with entities in my home/mainly in my bedroom and was disturbed every night and most days by spirits prodding me and just being a big nuisance. It was causing me a great deal of distress, lack of sleep and a wonderment of why it was happening in the first place. After several thoughts and a reasonably short time, we discovered that I was under psychic attack from an acquaintance who unknowingly was sending me bad thoughts because she was jealous of me and with Les's help the energy in my home changed immediately, it became lighter and I felt more at ease and calm. Thank you Les, you and your healers are angels"

Toni Harris (Surrey)

HOUSE CLEANSING - Dust & Bad Energy

My flat was constantly dusty and had a slightly uncomfortable air about it; it was so bad that even after dusting the dust came back within a day or two.

I contacted Les & Janet, who told me that the flat needed cleansing as the stagnant energy from the previous tenant was blocking new positive energy flowing in and energising the place.


After they worked on it they told me to dust a couple of surfaces and leave it for four days. Amazingly, after four days there was still no dust! Even my friend noticed the energy had changed when she came to stay that weekend and was very impressed "What have you done to the flat? It feels different, much brighter and more relaxing." I feel so much more comfortable, relaxed and at home in my flat.  Thank you Les and Janet, you’re brilliant!

Miranda (Oxford)


​"We also discussed how Geopathic Stress can affect people in the house and I told you that my grandson’s room is directly above the dining room and how he wasn’t developing as he should with his speech, in fact his communication skills were non-existent, which was making everything difficult, my son even believed he may have autism as he wouldn’t even respond to his name and wouldn’t sit on a lap or cuddle. Within just a couple of weeks this changed and although not quite putting sentences together, he does respond, runs up to us, accepts and gives kisses and cuddles, knows colours, numbers and who everybody is,  enjoys nursery rhymes and stories that he had no interest in before".

Shirley Birks (Harefield) 




”After speaking with you regarding the Geopathic Stress in my house and the dust experiment, I saw a real difference. It didn’t matter how many times a day we cleaned and dusted in the dining room, there was always a very thick layer of dust, we put it down to our large dog and going in and out of the garden. I went home and as you said gave it a good clean, and shockingly when I went in there later there was still no dust, I was interested to see in the morning so the second I got out of bed rushed downstairs and lo and behold still no dust".

Jane (Uxbridge) 


"I couldn’t believe it when Les said he could help me with the mice in my house when I happened to mention the noise of them in the roof was keeping me awake at night. Well, to my amazement and joy, the mice took about two days to pack their bags and move out once Les sent his energy to the house to make it not so attractive for them to live in! I now live in a mouse-free house and am so grateful to Les for his great work as the ultimate mouse evacuator"

Karen Seeburg (Surrey) 



"I have been meaning to drop you a email for a while now but you know how daily life is, we just keep busy and push some important stuff aside. I want to tell you that since you were here and did some work with me I cannot believe the difference in my home. I used to dust every day because of 'Sick Building Syndrome' and now I will go days without doing it as it is not needed. What you did for me really did work. I am floored every day when I look at my furniture and see that there is NO dust. Thank you so much. I also want to take this time to thank you for all your care in everyone here. We were all so speechless at watching you work. You are amazing. Thank you Les"

Sherry Donais (Calgary, Canada) 




"Staff were complaining all the time, being very unhelpful and not working as a team. Some staff were taking advantage of breaks etc, whilst other staff were not even turning up for shifts which created more problems and bad tempers. I found this very stressful and was bringing home work tension and this was starting to impact on my personal life and anxiety levels. I later discovered other colleagues were feeling the same. The patients and their families were also very unhappy and there was a really unpleasant atmosphere within building. 

Les explained that work needed to be done to change the negative energy that had built up in the establishment over the years.

Even after the first session of working with Les, there was a noticeable shift and change in atmosphere at work. The team seemed to start to work together more with better rapport, across all levels of staff, seeming much more calm and polite with each other. I felt much better about these positive changes as they were very apparent. This consequently had a positive effect on patients and their relatives.

Changes were also implemented by management, who suddenly decided to make impactful changes to improve staff moral and encourage stronger team work. Staff are working closer together and have even have started socialising outside of work, e.g. on birthdays etc.


The building even smells fresher and cleaner upon entering and has a much lighter, relaxed feeling about the building. I believe the energy change was responsible for the shift in feelings and tranquillity.


The change in such a few weeks is amazing, and the impact on the whole team and in fact the organisation is beyond belief. I now look forward to going to work and my confidence has returned, I have more energy and my skin, nails and hair look much better thanks to Les and Janet) who I can’t thank enough".

Mary, Nurse  (Midlands) 


"Somehow with their help we increased our average turnover well above expectations almost from the very start of his involvement with us. As a Company we needed to make positive strides forward in an increasingly difficult market place. I decided to ask Les for help and I wish now I had ask him earlier as his impact was amazing. The bottom line was my Company was going through an important time of transformation and modification and Les & Janet made a massive difference. I don’t understand his methods but he explained he was going to remotely cleanse and re-energies the building and then to rebalance and harmonise the collective vibrational energies of the company (whatever that means). He made me understand that this was completely safe and harmless for everyone. I feel the Company is now a much better place to work in and the team are happier and they all seem to be pulling in the same direction".

Nigel Fletcher MD (West Midlands)



"My accountancy and law business far too often suffered recurring problems with employees. My staff were constantly ill and were unable to sleep since starting to work for me; although they had had no such problems in their previous jobs. My employees’ health issues gradually cleared and they were able to sleep better. In addition, my business became more profitable and often I found myself very busy, even having to work late and at the weekend to cope with the workload. Amazing"        

Jane Murray

​Land Rejuvenation & Farm Animals

"When I first met Les it was in a business and personal development context. I found working with Les very productive finding my confidence and energy improving greatly. As we talked I mentioned that I lived on a working farm and we had been experiencing some bad luck in terms of the livestock we were keeping. Les asked me questions about the animals but also the quality of the land and pastures they were kept on and came to the conclusion he would be able to do some work remotely to address possible Geopathic stress. There is a pylon with the farm and not that far from the buildings and our house. He was concerned that there could be electromagnetic pollution and did some specific work on this to protect the land, animals, my family and myself. Over a period of time I started to notice that the grass became more consistent in quality and the colour improved. This was true of both the hay and silage fields and the livestock pastures. The animals appear to be more content and could stay out for longer in the autumn without additional feeding. I still check in with Les who provides continued support"

Stephanie C (East Sussex) 




"A few years ago, during one of our sessions I just happened to mention to Les about the bad condition of one of my trees in my garden. This once lovely tree that had given me so much pleasure has for some time been looking sad and I feared it was dying. I was really surprised when Les said he could help me by revitalising the tree. After a few weeks I began to notice the richness in the colour of the leaves as life began to come back into the tree. After a couple of months the tree was back to its best and thriving in my garden. I just want to thank you for your work as since then the tree still looks beautiful and healthy"

Peggy Farrell (Worcester Park, Surrey)




"I just wanted to tell you about the amazing condition of the tree you worked on in the field near where I live. You could see that the tree was almost dead, that’s why you worked on it. What you didn't know was that tree had been like that for many years and I had never seen green leaves on it until now. I was gob-smacked when I revisited the field a few weeks after you had sprinkled your magic to find the tree starting to show green leaves at the top. Each time I went back the tree grew more and more green leaves. What can I say, you’re amazing"

Carol (Hampshire)